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Elevating Secondaries Explore, Connect and Close at our Premier Marketplace

Discover a professional-grade Secondaries Platform: transparent, efficient, and secure for all deals and partners, streamlining discovery and divestment of private funds stakes.

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For Sellers

  • Register & List: Create a profile and list your secondary stakes with the relevant details.
  • Connect with Buyers you like: Your listing will be visible to our network of verified buyers.
  • Negotiate & Transact: Engage in discussions, negotiate terms, and finalize the deal.

For Buyers

  • Browse Listings: Explore a wide range of secondary stakes from various funds and vintages.
  • Interact with Sellers: Show interest, ask questions, and get the information you need.
  • Seal the Deal: Once terms are agreed upon, proceed with a smooth transaction.

Our Mission

Disrupting the landscape of secondaries market. By providing a platform rooted in trust and excellence, we strive to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, ensuring that every transaction is conducted with precision, optimal value, and the highest levels of confidentiality

How it works

Draft submission

The process starts with the seller creating a draft of their listing using our easy 3-step information gathering template.

Draft review

We review the listing details & prepares the listing teaser page that buyers will see on the platform.

Listing approval

Our team publishes the listing and a new opportunity alert is sent out to relevant buyers.

Bidding process

The seller can then review and approve interested buyers. The seller can exchange NDA, provide more information, respond to inquiries, and receive bids from potential buyers.

Bid selection

The seller reviews all submitted bids and proceeds to select a preferred buyer in order to formalize a binding offer.

Offline finalization

Seller and buyer finalize contract terms offline and agree on: Term Sheet, SPA & Transfer Agreement.

why us

Enhanced Liquidity

We prioritize rapid and efficient transactions, ensuring participants can swiftly convert their stakes into liquid assets.

Tailored Portfolio Solutions

Our Marketplace empowers investors to easily recalibrate their portfolios, selling interests in established funds.

Transparent Dealings

Our standardized listing and pricing process offer clarity, allowing participants to navigate the process smoothly.

Streamlined Experience

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, simplifies the transaction process, eliminating the traditional hassles of secondary transaction.

Diverse Landscape

Our Marketplace offers a rich array of diverse opportunities. Buyers gain access to a vast range of assets, including stakes in mature, high-performing funds that might be elusive in primary markets.

Unparalleled Support:

We pride ourselves on our dedicated team of industry experts. At, every member, can expect round-the-clock guidance, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

Guided Process

Our platform specialists guide you through the process. We available to support you with all your needs and requests.

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